Task Management
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  Task Management

Odora Technologies’s Task Management features are an excellent tool for automating routine business processes. Odora Technologies tasks are designed to mimic your business processes using a point-and-click interface to create the automations. There are several characteristics of Odora Technologies Tasks:

(HTTP Post, Get, SOAP)
Start a Lead Nurturing Track
Stop a Lead Nurturing Track
Tasks can repeat

As with all Odora Technologies workflow, you define when the task applies:

Tasks also have a workflow condition that can be used to determine when this task should apply. The choices for when the condition should apply are: =, < > (does not equal), >, <, >=, <=, was updated or was checked. The choices of ‘Fields’ for setting the condition (left hand side of the workflow – the right side of the workflow has the actions i.e. the Task) include:

Combining the ‘Applies When’ and the ‘Condition’ gives you very tight control over when your automated Tasks will execute.

Here's a typical Task Management Automation. After a prospect enters their information on a website or landing page and Workflow Automation has assigned the prospect to a sales rep, a task is used to monitor the status of the lead to make sure it is followed up on.