Hospital Management Information System
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  Hospital Management Information System

Odora Technologies HMIS is an integrated health management system, which addresses the critical requirements of hospitals. It is a powerful, flexible and easy to use application designed and developed to convey real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics which reduce the paper overload.

Odora Technologies HMIS streamlines the flow of information across the hospital that helps effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration/management and streamline financial accounting in an optimized and efficient manner. Since its’ a user oriented management system, it can be easily customized to the requirements of any hospital.




Odora Technologies HMIS is a platform independent, browser-based application developed on .Net technology using 3.5 framework with MS-SQL as the database. It has a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).



Administration: The administrator can create User accounts for the staff, define the departments of the hospital, add Discount, add Tax and define the schedule for the doctors and other staff members which can be viewed all through the application.

Registration: The registration module captures the complete patient’s information with a unique identification number. It keeps track of the department and the doctor to whom the patient is reporting, Doctor's daily schedule list, Patient visit history, etc.

Doctor/ Radiologist: The doctors registered with the application can view the list of patients in their inbox. They can also store/update the case summary and prescribe the tests and medicines to the patient.

Laboratory/Radiology Test: This module automates the investigation and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned doctor. The laboratory module supports to perform various tests. For example, AMC ANC, Renal function, Lipid Profile, Thyroid function, Peripheral Blood, Routine Blood, etc. The Lab Technician stores and forwards the test reports for the tests prescribed by the doctor to the patient.

Dispensary: This module is utilized by the staff present in the dispensary where they can add and edit the medicine stock present in the dispensary which helps the doctor to prescribe those medicines which are available in the dispensary. Dispensary staff can easily view and issue the medicines prescribed to the patient in this module by the Doctor. The Dispensary staff can monitor their stock of medicines and send requisition to Store where the balance has reduced considerably.

IPD Registrar: The IPD Registrar admits the patient in IPD ward and allocates the bed to the patient according to the availability of the beds.

Store: This module keeps the watch over the stock/issue of various medicines to the Dispensary department.

Billing: This module is concerned with the OPD as well as the IPD and Emergency module. The bill is generated once the patient is discharged by the Doctor. There is a provision to generate a Duplicate bill if required by the Patient.